Above: captured on Via Della Vigna,  Florence by R. Gambarov @rovschan1201


ABOUT sartorialee

It’s an amalgam of sartorial and my christian name in English. Sounds exactly like sartorially.
In Italian it’s sartoriale.

sartorialee  IN A NUTSHELL

Best of British tailoring with Italian flourishes. Think Alfred Brown fine worsted blazer teamed
with merino wool cardigan and E. Marinella tie. The devil is in the detail.

sartorialee’s  SIGNATURE LOOK

Tailored blazers, accessorised with a variety of scarves, ties, pocket squares and lapel pins (although not always
together, less is more) usually teamed with dark slim cut denim and monkstraps.


Considered, impassioned copy and imagery, well curated postings on sartorial-relevant content that I like,
from product launches, designer and company profiles, behind the scenes in the production process
and interviews with major sartorial players.

Most definitely quality over quantity.

sartorialee: ‘dressing the globe-trotting man’, is a style blog by London-based creative director Lee Osborne

To discuss potential features and collaborations please email: sartorialee@englandmail.com

All text and photographs © Lee Osborne, unless otherwise stated


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